These are the most common questions people ask me.

I can make up to 250 calls per day but most campaigns average 25 -30 calls per hour depending on the contact rate.
At the end of each calling day I send you a report on an excel spreadsheet with all logged calls and all appointments or closed sales are emailed in real time for total accountability.
With all campaigns I only need 2 things ” Leads and a Script ” I can write the script but would need your value proposition or website info.

I supply all of leads from Salesgenie at no cost to you but I will need your search criteria to build a database to call from.

An email template for B2B campaigns is also helpful as I combine an email with follow-up technique.

This is also a question that people ask and the only honest answer is it depends on the campaign.

This is why I recommend the Trial Campaign for $229 which is to gauge the results moving forward.

The trial campaign consists of 5 days of calling 2 hours per day (during the best times) for a total of 10 hours or about 250-300 calls depending on length of conversation.

I also include all leads from Salesgenie which would normally cost you .20 cents per record, if you had to purchase them yourself.

With me you are receiving these leads at no cost or about $60 – $80 worth of leads with name address etc on an excel spreadsheet.

You will also receive daily reporting as I will send you the spreadsheet with the results of each call.

YES, I can guarantee all of the calls will be made but can’t guarantee what the number of appointments or sales will be as it varies with each campaign.

You Can Also Cancel The Campaign At Any Time And Receive A Prorated Refund Less The Cost Of Leads Not Called @ .10 cents each ( That’s what Salesgenie charges for leads ).

No Cost If You Supply The Leads.