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Hi Mike,

Alright – I was wondering if we’d be able to buy the script you’ve been using and have our two account execs give it a shot. You did a great job setting benchmarks, and I want to see if we can bring up our internal team to the same level of performance. I was thinking of giving them a month with the script and then getting back to you and letting you know how it worked out and how we want to proceed.



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Jeff not only drove quality leads to our account team, but also helped us develop benchmarks for our account team going forward. Cold-calling had never been their strength, but Jeff’s expertise and work helped establish best-practices that guide their efforts today.


Sorry it took me so long to get this to you.

“Jeff is a man of his word. He has helped us close over 50 clients over the last four months with his consistency in lead generation and attention to detail. We would not be where we are today without him.”

Tyler Baker
— Director of Development Shout Church Inc.
” how the hell do you do it?

You are the best caller I have ever had/seen/heard in more than 15 years.
Great job. “

Cherise Kennerley
— ROI Marketing
“With telemarketing, it’s a numbers game. Jeff has proven to provide an average of 3 appointments per week on each campaign. In my business, that’s pretty darn good. From one client alone, Jeff has tripled my ROI on four collective campaigns that we ran within the year. He is trustworthy, talented and worthy of every marketing dollar you have budgeted.”
— CFO Accountants
” Dear Jeff,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your recent phone campaign for Priority Process. It has been a great success. I gained two clients that translate into an additional $2000.00 a month. But more importantly you planted the seeds for what I think will be half a dozen future sales. Keep up the good work.

By the way I am working on the first draft of a 30 second teaser for my energy network marketing business, I will have it to you by Monday or Tuesday.”

Michael Daigneault
— Priority Process
“We definitely love the service you have provided and have kept my agents and myself busy with opportunities.”

You can use that as a quote.

Of course we expect the utmost discretion with the lead lists of ours we shared as we would like to hit them up again in the next quarter.

Thank you and will look forward to next quarter

Jay Trisko
— cSolutions Commercial Insurance Brokerage
“Jeff as been everything I’ve hoped for and more. He’s taken what was a previously lethargic sales process and turned it into a well oiled machine. I am grateful for Jeff’s work ethic, integrity and attention to details. Jeff in a invaluable member of our team. I give Jeff my my utmost approval and any person who would pass on him to head up their sales process would be a fool.”
David Metz
— HooDeals
“I have used several telemarketing individuals and services. I would highly recommend Jeff for both his excellent results and follow up. He has been both cost effective and professional in securing appointments and identifying the decision makers. I can recommend his services without hesitation.”
Derek Bayer
“The Channel Checkers is an intensive, fast cycle data research firm serving corporate, financial and market research firms on a global basis. We require excellent work, reliable delivery schedules and clear availability from our partners like Jeff Sweet. We continue to rely on Jeff to help us execute projects across our universe of clients. Jeff’s work is excellent. Jeff delivers product on time, and he provides accurate projections for his availability and forecasts for how long projects will take. We have used Jeff consistently over the past two years and continue to count on his help to complete many ongoing projects. We view Jeff as an invaluable partner in our service offering to our clients.”
Casey Ryan
— The Channel Checkers
I enlisted Jeff’s service for a product campaign and he was able to book me 18 appointments in just a few hours of work. I am convinced that there is nothing Jeff can’t sell. If he can’t sell it, then the product he is marketing is probably not worth buying. What a great professional he is.
Jason Starling
— Approval Warehouse
I’m sending this note to express our gratitude for the call campaigns you conducted for us. The leads you provided were very valuable and the process with which you work is smooth and pleasant. I appreciated the daily status updates and feedback you provided, they were professional and well-written. Thank you again.
Gavin Contreras

Thank you for your efforts….Fantastic so far…

Enjoy the weekend !!!! Glad I found you..


Troy R. Dennis
“Awesome! Thanks. You’re getting more results than some that have been in this industry for years!”

Thanks again,

I can say without question Jeff produces what he says when he says every time, I would not hesitate to recommend him to any serious company in need of a bullet proof lead generator.

Thanks Jeff

Ron Conrad

Great job! I’m sure you heard this before but I wish I would have met you first before trying others.
I may be interested in additional calls. I certainly want to do follow-up on the ones I’ve sent information to.
I’m going to wait about 1 week or so before reaching out to them and you can do the new calls and the f/u calls together.
I’ll let you know.
all will depend on budget, however, this ]is vital, so I will certainly find a way.
Thank you

Jeff has done a lot of telemarketing work for my firm. He always produces results! He is easy to work with and has a tireless work ethic.

I am happy to recommend him for any project.

Best Regards,

V M ( Client prefers not to be contacted )